Roles and Responsibilities


       Roles, responsibilities and details of administrative organization of the new Department are prescribed by the Ministerial Regulation of DPT administration, Ministry of Interior B.E.2545 (2002).

       DPT is responsible for assignments on town and country planning at every level, public works; building design, building construction control. Moreover, it carries out and supports local administrative authorities on town, area and rural development by formulating and supervising land use policies, relocation system and infrastructure. By complying with the good town and country planning system which will lead to sustainable development, it also prepares construction quality and standard on Architecture, Engineering and Town and Country Planning in order to get good environment, public safety standard and orderliness of towns and building. Its main duties can be shown as follows :

  1. Direct and ensure compliance with Town and Country Planning Act, Building Control Code, Dig and Fill Up Land Code, Law to Control Trading which affects safety and public well-being and other related laws
  2. Formulate another kind of Town & Country Plan assigned by the Ministry or the Cabinet or requested by other public sectors and direct implementation according to the plans
  3. Introduce Land readjustment for area development
  4. Study and analyse data to formulate Town and Country Plan, research, monitoring and standard development including the preparation of its standards and handbook for Town & Country Planning and Public Works
  5. Carry out Town and Country Plan, design, construction supervision, urban or building rehabilitation and building construction of public sectors
  6. Provide services and advices on design, construction work and related works to other agencies
  7. Conduct design, construction and building control and infrastructure construction including restoration and maintenance
  8. Coordinate, Supervise, support and develop in compliance with Town and Country Plan and inspect the enforcement of Town and Country Planning Act by local officers
  9. Develop system and execute the information of Town & Country Planning and Public Works
  10. Develop capacity building of DPT personnel, local administrative authorities and other related agencies
  11. Perform any duties which are under DPT’s responsibilities enacted by the law or works assigned by Ministry of Interior or cabinet


Administrative Organization
Central Administration (Composes of 17 Units and 9 internal units) :

  1. Office of the Secretary
  2. Personnel Division
  3. Finance Division
  4. Planning Division
  5. Information and Public Relations Division
  6. Legal Affairs Division
  7. Information Technology Center
  8. Urban Development Training Institute
  9. Construction Supervision Bureau
  10. Building Control Bureau
  11. National and Regional Planning Bureau
  12. Comprehensive and Specific Planning Bureau
  13. Standard Development Bureau
  14. Town and Country Planning Engineering Bureau
  15. Structural Engineering and System Bureau
  16. Architecture Bureau
  17. Town and Country Development Bureau 
  18. Office of Foreign Relations
  19. Specific Planning Division
  20. Office of Town and Country Planning Board
  21. Land Readjustment Bureau
  22. Royal Pavilion Design and Construction Division
  23. Office of CEO Management Project
  24. Office of Ampornsathan Palace Construction
  25. Office of Thawi Watthana Palace Construction
  26. Materials Research and Testing Division


Regional Administrative :

75 Provincial offices of Public Works and Town & Country Planning :

(a) Operating, supporting, providing advices and technical services on town and country planning and public works which is under DPT’s responsibility to related agencies and local administrative authorities

(b) Cooperating with or supporting other related agencies or conducting other works as assigned